taking oath, on abdicating his right to the th...
Bhishma taking oath, on abdicating his right to the throne, in order to get the fisher girl married to his father Shantanu.(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In ancient Hinduism Dyaus is a sky god, later incarnating in the form of Bhishma in the epic called the Mahabharata.

The celebrated Romanian scholar of religion Mircea Eliade suggests a linguistic relation among the Indo-European noun deiwos (“sky”) and terms denoting a deity (Lat. deus, Skt. deva, Iran div as well as names of the primary gods: Dyaus, Zeus and Jupiter).

Eliade and G. Parrinder suggest that the idea of deity is usually related to transcendence and light, this often having paternal connotations—e.g. God “the Father.”

Non-Christian examples of a paternal theme relating to a deity are found in the Indian Dyauspitar, Greek Zeus Pater, Latin Jupiter, Scythian Zeus-Papaios and the Thaco-Phrygian Zeus-Pappos.


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