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Elohim Creating Adam

Elohim Creating Adam (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

El is a word for God in Semitic languages occurring in the Old Testament about 200 times.

El also refers to the chief God within the Canaanite pantheon.

The plural of El is Elohim, although Elohim doesn’t always refer to a plural entity. In other words, El in the Bible refers to pagan gods and the God of the Israelites.

Figurine of the Canaanite God El from Megiddo ...

Figurine of the Canaanite God El from Megiddo (Modern Israel) Stratum VII Late Bronze II (1400-1200 BCE) (Photo credit: mharrsch)


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2 thoughts on “El

  1. Are you sure it’s “el”? I’m learning biblical Hebrew and “el-” means towards, up to, into, to. Eloha is the masculine singular word for god, Elohim is the word for God, or Yaveh, or Adonai (Lord).


    • Hi, thanks for your comment. Admittedly this isn’t my specialty. My PhD was in psychology and religion. But a quick search at Google using keywords >> El hebrew << seems to suggest that my entry here is pretty accurate. However, I leave it open for discussion.


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