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English: Gothic Model Lady Amaranth wearing Ni...

Gothic Model Lady Amaranth wearing Nightshade Clothing photographed by Gothindulgence via Wikipedia

Goth is a term for a subculture that appeared in the late 1970’s as a form of punk. Today the Goth movement is hard to define because it takes many forms.

The Goth’s approach to life is generally based on a mythical reconstruction of the Gothic era (e.g. black clothing and the game Dungeons and Dragons) as a response to contemporary issues. Some Goths are optimistic and explore the arts, others tend to focus on anger, brooding and darkness.

And yet others have a softer, more indirect ideological influence. They take up the Goth look for mainstream style and fashion reasons, and in so doing, arguably shape rather than challenge the status quo.

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  1. Pretty good; but from my experience, Goth doesn’t have anything to do with anger or Dungeons and Dragons…?


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