Gospel of Mark

English: Illumination of Christ before Pilate ...
Illumination of Christ before Pilate via Wikipedia

The Gospel of Mark is one of the synoptic gospels of the New Testament.

Most scholars say that Mark is the oldest of the three synoptic gospels, written around 65-70 CE.

Its authorship is uncertain. A Papias, the Bishop of Heirapolis (60-130 CE) wrote that Mark had written an account based on St. Peter‘s memory of the life and sayings of Christ. But modern scholars only agree that it was probably written in Syria by an unknown Christian.

Mark deals with the life and teachings of Jesus from the time of his baptism by John the Baptist to his Ascention. Many of the specific events recorded in Mark, however, were not necessarily written in the actual order that they occurred. And it tends to concentrate on the last week of Jesus’ life, from his ride into Jerusalem to his death.

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