Gospel of Luke

St Luke's Infancy Narratives
St Luke's Infancy Narratives (Photo: Lawrence OP via Flickr)

The Gospel of Luke is one of the synoptic gospels and the third book of the New Testament.

The only gospel with a prologue, Luke tells his readers that the work is based on research rather than direct observation.

Contemporary scholars believe that Luke drew on the Gospel of Mark and another, as of yet undiscovered, document that scholars have called Q. Scholars also believe that Luke could have drawn on other written sources.

Particular to Luke is the Nativity scene (Luke 1:26-80), the account of Jesus’ childhood (Luke 2:41-52), and the human genealogy of Christ (3:23-38).

Luke’s gospel tends to emphasize marginalized people, women and the importance of prayer. Depending on who you’re talking to, scholars believe it was written sometime between 60 CE and 100 CE.

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