Stuart Gordon

Stuart (Richard) Gordon in 2007 in Shanghai, China holding two of his earliest works, The Bike from Hell and The Devil’s Rider via Wikipedia

Stuart Gordon (Richard Alexander Steuart Gordon 1947-2009) was a Scottish sci-fi writer who later turned to travel guides and reference books about mythology the paranomal.¹ He also taught English as second language in Europe and Asia, this international experience no doubt broadening his horizons.

Gordon’s reference works reveal his knack for communicating mythology and the so-called paranormal in an accessible and yet comprehensive format. In fact, – Think Free makes several references to his The Encyclopedia of Myths and Legends (London: Headline, 1993) and The Paranormal: An Illustrated Encyclopedia (London: Headline, 1992).

However, Gordon’s well-rounded, intuitive and free-floating style seemed to upset some skeptics.

Gordon’s 1992 publication “The Paranormal: An Illustrated Encyclopedia” elicited the ire of Gordon Stein, the director for the Center for Inquiry, a non-profit educational organization whose primary mission is to dispel paranormal claims. Stein wrote a stinging review in the Spring 1994 issue of the Skeptical Inquirer, critiquing Gordon’s usage of “erroneous ‘information’ about the paranormal” and usage of references that “are never to the skeptical literature.”¹

Gordon died in his early 60s of complications following a collapse and heart attack in China.


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