St. George

Polski: Św. Jerzy ze smokiem English: St. Geor...
St. George and the dragon, Tempera on wood, State Russian Museum, Sankt Petersburg via Wikipedia

St. George (early 4th century CE) is the Guardian saint of England and Portugal. Nobody really knows his exact origins or the details of his life.

Historians have debated the exact details of the birth of Saint George for over a century, although the approximate date of his death is subject to little debate.[4][5] The Catholic Encyclopedia takes the position that there seems to be no ground for doubting the historical existence of Saint George, but that little faith can be placed in some of the fanciful stories about him.¹

Some sources indicate that St. George may have been cruelly tortured and killed around 300 CE by Diocletian at Nicomedia, hence his veneration as a martyr. Other sources say he died around 250 CE at Lydda in Palestine.

The latter legend has gained prominence by virtue of Lydda being the location of his supposed tomb.

St. George is associated with the story, written by Vorgrain (1230-98 CE), of slaying a dragon to rescue a damsel in distress. So he’s often invoked for a similar reason as Saint Michael—for God’s power to vanquish the forces of evil.

His feast day is 23 April, the date that the Church set for his death.



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