Structure of Universe as per the Jain Scriptures.
Structure of Universe as per the Jain Scriptures (click for larger image) via Wikipedia

Jainism [Hindi jina: conquerer] is an apparently non-violent Indian religion, founded by Vardhamana Mahavira (c. 540 BCE).

Jains believe in karma, reincarnation and asceticism. They practice a strict form of ahimsa. Some monks wear masks over their faces so as to not injure insects while breathing. And Jain priests delegate others to cook for them so as to avoid the sin of killing micro-organisms.

Critics see this practice as hypocritical. However, monks and Nuns also wear masks and sweep in front of themselves as they walk to avoid harming insects.

The goal of Jainism is to become a Jin, a perfectly liberated soul. And their extreme pacifism comes from the belief that every living creature possesses a soul.

Today’s estimated six million Jains reside mostly in India; they worship in temples, shrines and privately at home.

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  1. Jainism, a simple faith centering around renunciation and detachment from the material world is on the verge of extinction today.There are very few who really follow its doctrines……
    The religion is still alive today only because of a few staunch Jain digambars.Recently i read an interesting article on this topic at
    you may check it out.


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