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Mahadeva : karma yoga

Image by prahla'd via Flickr

In Hinduism, Karma-yoga is the dharma (Skt. = sacred duty) of action.

Those following this path try to keep their mind focused on God while engaged in worldly duties. It’s believed that this ‘double-aperture’ approach fosters correct action.

This belief raises some important philosophical and ethical questions. Arjuna‘s killing in the Bhagavad Gita, for instance, is usually viewed as an instance of karma-yoga.

In essence, the mind is said to be fixed on God while correct action is performed without care for the personal “fruit” of those actions. However, the notion that one’s actions may be entirely untainted by personal biases and desires seems questionable.¹

Traditionally connected with the Vaisya caste, today a businessperson, banker or acrobat could be a follower of karma-yoga.

¹ See Dharma.

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