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Stone plaque of Kalki from the 18th century.

Stone plaque of Kalki from the 18th century via Wikipedia

Kalki is the tenth and final avatar in Hinduism which believers say is yet to come.

Popular images depict him riding a white horse with wings known as Devadatta (God-given.) In these images, Kalki is brandishing a sword in his left hand and is intent on eradicating the corrupt destitution and debauchery of Kali Yuga

Modern interpreters of the Kalki story tell of various prophecies, often linked with their own particular religious beliefs. But probably nobody knows just what this old Puranic prophecy means, and whether or not it contains more than a mythic significance.


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7 thoughts on “Kalki

  1. i believe hinduism is full of mysticism and secret messages!


  2. truth only will survive. a messenger already born in 1984 to save and guide the world


  3. In short at the birth of Lord Kalki, Moon would be in Dhanishtha nakshatra (Aquarius sign), Sun would be in swati nakshatra (in Libra), Jupiter would be in Purva Ashadha nakshatra (in Sagittarius), ascendant Lord would again be in Purva ashadha Nakshatra (in Sagittarius), Saturn would be in Libra and Ketu would be in Scorpio.

    Above planetary position has already taken place in 1984.


  4. Global Warrior, this planetary sequence is occurring in the morning of 02nd Nov 1984, Has Lord Kalki, really taken birth, I cant beilive !!


  5. Food for thought—-From the description in the puranas, it appears like this island could be modern day Hong Kong or Singapore (sky is full of Vimanas with tall gated buildings and beautiful people with jewellery). link also suggests 1984 although the author does not state the source. Singapore fits in well due to the inherent tamil/indian connection, but HK has an island called Tung Chung which has an uncanny resemblance to the kalki purana description….go find out for yourself 🙂


  6. Are any of you familiar with the Blue Star Kachina prophecy?


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