Heraclitus via Wikipedia

Logos is an ancient Greek term that literally means speech, account, reason, definition, rational faculty or proportion.¹

For the Stoics and particularly Heraclitus (500 BCE), Logos referred to an omnipresent reason that regulates and pervades the universe. Philo of Judea (20 BCE to 50 CE) emphasized its role as the observable world pattern linking mankind to God.

In the Christianized world, Logos often refers to the idea that there is an inherent logic to God‘s Divine message as revealed through the Holy Bible. But it also refers to Jesus Christ himself.

Athanasius saw Logos as the second person of the Trinity. The term is widespread perhaps because it attempts to unite philosophy and religion.

¹ See F. E. Peters, Greek Philosophical Terms: A Historical Lexicon (New York: New York University Press, 1967, p. 110), where further discussion of this topic is available.

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