The opening logo of Lexx
The opening logo of Lexx (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lexx is a Canada-Germany-UK science fiction series in which a motley bunch of societal byproducts and emotionally underdeveloped freaks sojourn through the universe in a vessel that, itself, is alive—that is, a biological organism.

After a shaky first season, the series returned with a new female lead, better graphics and scripts, and ran for four years total.

Like William S. BurroughsNaked Lunch, Lexx explores the grotesque and absurd to an extent perhaps not previously achieved on television.

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  1. The whole series is pretty bizarre. I actually went to junior school with one of the guys behind the show. I recall him hosting a kids’ Halloween party where the whole house was quite professionally done up as a house of horrors. I suppose he came from an artistic, creative family.


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