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Laxmi (or Lakshmi)

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Raja Ravi Varma's painting of Lakshmi, showing...

Raja Ravi Varma's painting of Lakshmi, showing the motifs of lotus and elephant via Wikipedia

Laxmi (or Lakshmi) is a Hindu goddess of prosperity and good fortune, worshipped from around 300 BCE to the present.

She’s often portrayed sitting cross-legged on a pink lotus with four arms while gold coins emerge from (one of) her right palms and also from a jar on her left thigh. However, artistic depictions of her vary from the popular to the sublime, with symbolic details differing in each instance.

She’s Vishnu‘s partner and, as the incarnation of Sita, the wife of the hero Rama and also of Krishna, taking the form of Radha.

In India all businesses close in her honor and local merchants close up shop one day every year in October. Likewise, students petition her for good grades in examinations.


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