Mysticism – More Than This?

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  1. “it seems highly unlikely that the mystical realms accessed by mystics within different traditions are identical in character.”

    In my opinion mystics, who always need the adjective of religion they came from while described, did achieved such level of union with divine that does not need religion anymore. Religion needs words meanwhile their level of union does not. I don’t know where does this definition came from but it would take two mystics of different traditions talking or being present next to each other to prove whether this sentence is wrong or right.


  2. My view is that a mystic might believe he or she has achieved the ultimate when still more – or perhaps something different – could be experienced. By way of analogy, imagine going to a big city like London. If we were naive we might think it was the only great city in the world. But later, we go to Paris and it’s different. Both are cities. Both are great. But they are different.

    Critics of my analogy might say, however, that it doesn’t apply because God – or the Divine – is the one and only Ultimate Reality… not just one among many (like a city). Still, I think it’s possible that some mystics achieve a level of awareness that they believe is ultimate when it might not be.


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