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Holy Cross Campus - Rhinebeck, NY - 10, Mar - 02

Holy Cross Campus – Rhinebeck, NY – 10, Mar – 02: Sébastien B.

NeoPaganism is an umbrella term for current spiritual movements, founded and practiced mostly in the so-called developed world, that harken back to the pre-Christian era and Middle Ages.

The overall aim apparently is an attempt to restore and further develop apparently lost and repressed forms of spiritual knowledge and practice.

Some writers seem to imply that a golden era of humanity existed when Goddess worship was dominant.

NeoPaganism has some leading figures who may express the core beliefs of many adherents, but most describe themselves and the movement as anti-authoritarian. There are, however, big fish and little fish. In academic circles, for instance, Starhawk figures prominently and many lesser known seekers find inspiration through and try to emulate her example.

J. Gordon Melton argues in The Encyclopedic Handbook of Cults in America (1992) that NeoPagans differ from the New Age movement in that New Age enthusiasts tend to generalize diverse religious ethics, cosmologies and practices to a single belief in the ‘Universal Love’ within ‘All That Is,’ whereas NeoPagans practice within a variety of relatively small groups or Circles, such as Church of Circle Wicca (later renamed Circle Sanctuary).

Sparrow1969 adds:

“Being a Pagan myself, I can tell you that the symbol pictured in this post is not pagan at all…it’s a Star of David.” » See in context.

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4 thoughts on “NeoPaganism

  1. I hate to nit pick but, being a Pagan myself, I can tell you that the symbol pictured in this post is not pagan at all…it’s a Star of David.


  2. That’s a good question. I know that there is a lot of mysticism in Judaism, but I’m not well enough versed it in to know what kinds of ceremonies they hold. The interesting thing about this picture is that it is a very precisely laid out Star of David on what looks like a derelict tennis court. I’d be willing to bet that perhaps some newbies who didn’t have any formal training decided to cook up something for themselves and got it wrong. Oh well…live and learn!



    • Yeah, that sounds like a reasonable hypothesis. It’s such a good picture that I’m hesitant to change it just yet, even if technically wrong. Maybe these folks were trying to synthesize different beliefs, or, more likely, were unconsciously doing so.

      In any event, thanks for the correction. I’ll leave it for now. Your comments should help to clarify and perhaps stimulate debate.


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