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Think Free covers a wide variety of topics and we’d definitely like to see the following added to our database:

A – Alice Baily, Apostles’ Creed

B – Baptism, Blackmore (Susan), Book of Ezekiel

C – Cyborg

D – Dark Matter, Dawkins (Richard), Diogenes

E – Egyptian Book of the Dead, Emmanuel’s Book(s), Empiricism

G – Gorgons, Gould (Stephen J.)

H – Heraclitus

K – Kepler (Johannes), Kerouac (Jack), Kohlberg’s Stages of Moral Development, Kyle XY

L – Lewin (Kurt)

M – Millay (Jean)

N – Neuromancer

P – Paramahansa Yogananda, Pentateuc, Perseus, Piaget (Jean)

R – Retroactive Continuity, Ring (Kenneth)

S – Satan, Stargate SG1

V – Valhalla, Valkyries

W – Wilber (Ken), Wormhole

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